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 Music StorkStudio

- configuration and production of music to order
- music and acoustic production, postproduction and finishing process of recordings - mastering
- production of promotional gingles and theme songs
- production of remixes, karaoke, scenic and film music
- rushes and production of impression samples
- sound distribution and synchronization (audio/video) complete video-programmes and documents
- sound scores for advertising activities and materials
- production of music for PC games
- renovation of older or lower quality recordings

With regard to our music creativity we can offer you author´s arrangements for theatre shows, films,documents and advertisements.
If you are interested in an acoustic record of your music we can record it to the digital system Roland VS2000CD and FostexVF08.
There are 26 tracks available (plus virtual tracks) for recording in quality 16 or 24 bits /44.100 kHz in analogical or digital way with export to wav, aif formats, and eventualy to other music format.
We go in for mixing of recordings in the studio system Roland VS2000CD and FostexVF08 with the possibility of complex dynamic arrangement - equalization,compression and appropriate using of effects plug-ins (reverb, echo, flanger and so on).
We prepare complete processing of mixdown, which is ready for additional processing or can be finalized in our studio. We can do mastering which is the final application in the recording network before recording to a master disc, from which copies of recording to CD or to other medium will be made.
We would like to offer our service for creating labels for your music production. We are able to prepare a label that is ready for printing.

List References

Mastermind - Time Is Out

Depressive Disorder - Apology

Černá krajina (CD demo 2,3 smutku) - co-authorization, production, mix, renovation recordings, mastering

Kiks (demo) - asistance at recordings

Transcedent (CD Demo I., Change, 6x Dance, Project AgainBorn - co-authorization, production, mix, re-mastering

Mastermind (CD Power, CD´s The End of the Day, CD´s Alone) - composition, production, mix, mastering

AccessVirus (CD Follow my Fantasy, CD Screams of Proteus) - asistance at recordings, re-mastering

Depressive Disorder (CD Near to Death, CD ...Another Step to Death, CD Ultima Ratio, CD In Depth) - co-authorization, production, mix, mastering

Channel2 (demo2007) - recording drums

Bong (concert Brno, club Leitnerova) - renovation recordings

Depressive Disorder, Mastermind, Transcedent - half-playback at the concert

Music production and cooperation on the remixes and songs:

Tribute Depeche Mode For the Masses - It´s Called a Heart (Mastermind feat. Depressive Disorder)

Depressive Disorder - Total Chaos (Euphory mix by Mastermind)

AccessVirus - Follow my Fantasy (Drive version)

Depressive Disorder - Near to Death (Final step by Mastermind)

Transcedent - Jen pro sebe žít (Energy version)

Disharmony - Zoomer (Disturbing remix by Depressive Disorder)

Depressive Disorder - Schizophrenia

Depressive Disorder - Apology

Depressive Disorder - On the Ground (Promo CD)

Depressive Disorder - Existence of Evil (Exclusive version for Krumphanzl)

Severe Illusion - Girl With a Knife in Her Hand (Pain version by Depressive Disorder)

Grandchaos - Electro Troop (Remix for Grandchaos)

CycloneB - Agony (Endless torture remix by Depressive Disorder)

Grandchaos - God is Death (Freezing Remix By Depressive Disorder)

Lakeside X - Sway (Suffering silence remixed by Depressive Disorder)

Depressive Disorder - Reality (exclusive mastering for CycloneB)

Immunology - Fallen Angel (Cover by Depressive Disorder)

Alvaréz Peréz - Forbidden Path (Scratchy Path remix by Depressive Disorder)